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3D Print Exhibition Lyon 2019

Official presentation of our latest machine, the 3D Printer  High Temperature – Qu3

The 3D Print Lyon 2019 exhibition was for us the opportunity to present to our customers and to make everyone discover our know-how in terms of high-temperature 3D printers (see the results of the SpiderBot HT at the Solvay AM Cup  2018 and 2019 !! )

We were impressed by your new machine

a Qualup Customer

Strong interest from visitors to the show, the potential of Q3 aroused curiosity:

– large volume chamber: 300 x 250 x 300 mm, fully heated to 275°C.

– suction plate allowing the use of any type of sheet material, to optimize the adhesion of the first layer.

– heating plate at 250°C.

– autocalibration at each print.

– control and compensation of the flatness of the plate at each printing

– control camera with large screen, to observe the inside of the chamber during manufacturing.

– and always our integrated and customized open source software solutions to allow you to exploit all the possibilities of Q3.

We were able to show many parts made with SpiderBot, thanks to our partner and distributor Alsima located on the stand opposite ours.

You are a materials research laboratory, an R&D centre with environmental or high temperature constraints, in the medical, aeronautical, space, rail or automotive sectors, the Q3 will meet your expectations and if you have not seen the Q3 contact us here.

Below are examples of PEEK parts made with a SpiderBot HT

crédit Alsima

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