Dyze Design and Qualup SAS sign a partnership agreement

We have just signed a partnership agreement to integrate the new Professional pellet extruder “Pulsar” into the Qu3. We have been partners with Dyze Design (Montreal – Ca) for several years, this strengthens our collaboration.

The Pulsar pellet extruder from Dyze Design is one of the most advanced on the market. In addition to the quality of design and production, what immediately impressed us was their exclusive anti Oozing system, which considerably reduces the wires when printing technical parts. Indeed, it is not possible to re-aspirate the material with a screw extruder, which reduces standard screw extruders to printing simple parts without “retracts” such as specimens, vases, fins…), incompatible with our customers’ requirements.

The new extruder from Dyze Design installed on a Qu3 will open a new way in 3D printing of high temperature thermoplastic materials….

As the Qu3 was designed to evolve easily, the carriage supporting the X axis was developed to handle masses over 5kg, the machine being already equipped with a liquid-cooled system, it was extremely simple to integrate the Pulsar on the Qu3, some adaptation parts to design and the job was done.

The Qu3 will therefore be the only machine on the market delivered with a pellet extruder that can extrude all high-temperature thermoplastics in a chamber at 275°C.

The Qu3 equipped with a Pulsar will be available in early 2020.

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