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SpiderBot V3.0 Coming soon

Written by Ph. Boichut on Tuesday, 05 September 2017. Published in News

SpiderBot 3.0 Preview !

After near one year of development, we are happy to announce the V3.0 of SpiderBot will be released in a couple of weeks. This version benefits from several research and evolutions of the ABSolute2...

What's New :

 - New Three Spheres System :
    - Magnets dia 8.0mmx25mm lenght (2.7Kg)
    - 9 Spheres dia 18.0mm case-hardened steel
    - New magnets supports
    - Strong carbon fiber arms dia 14.00mm
    - New 3 spheres plate
    - New carriage supports

- 32bits Motherboard Ultratronics 1.0
with 1/128e stepper drivers, for smooth and fast moves


- Controled heated chamber
Up to 60°C by thermistor

- New stainless steel heater for chamber (easier maintenance)

- Improvement in filament guidance in the extruder and heads
- New filament spool support (accept standard Dia 200mm, with still possibility to use Dia 160mm spools)
- Bed leveling autocalibration before each print (we use original BLTouch from Antclabs)





- New single head including :
    - Integrated bed leveling (BLTouch)
    - J-Head fixation "norm", you can change the head easily and swap to an E3D, Dyze Design, J-Head...
    - New Enclosure of head (The STL / STEP files of enclosures are available on request)

- Completely new dual head Including :
    - Integrated Bed leveling (BLTouch)
    - Full metal ball joints for tilting mechanism (instead of IGUS plastic ball joint)
    - 2 cooling Fans
    - New servo motor : bigger size, metal gears, control rod with metal ball joint (more robust, better accuracy)
    - New enclosure


- Several minor improvement

  • Hello Philippe,

    Is there any update on the launch of the V3.0? I would love to place an order. :)



    about 1 year ago
  • Well, I sold my Spiderbot V1.2! Never liked it! It was the first Spiderbot to the market but I always felt it was an expensive prototype!

    about 4 months ago
  • Sorry for this, the first versions were a bit sensitive and had to be very well adjusted to work well, this was mainly due to IGUS carriages which were replaced by linear guides from version 1.5.
    We have always taken into account the experience feedback of our customers, and have made the machine evolve in function.
    I searched the technical support emails, I couldn't find any email from you. Are there any technical support requests I haven't answered?


    about 4 months ago