SpiderBot Delta 3D Printer

Aluminium Bed with Film

Aluminium 3D Printer Bed for usage with polyester film.

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Product Description

A print bed constructed from Aluminium with a (self applied) Polyester film applied on top. Allows prints of PLA with bed temperature at 50°/58°C (60°C Maximum). Upgrading in the future? With the extra holes patterned in a circle around the print bed edge, a PEI layer can be added afterwards when desired.


  • Robust and perfect adhesion of PLA parts.
  • Easy maintenance, only clean with alcohol before print (always clean when bed is cold, never uses Aceton)
  • Easy removal of printed object(s). Simply wait the bed is cold and take of the part. A tool is provided to take the bed out.


  • Laser cut Aluminium Sheet thickness: 2.0 mm.
  • CNC Cut Polyester Film thickness: 50µm.
  • Provided with 3 Films.
Units in box: 1