SpiderBot Delta 3D Printer

Upgrade Compatibility Table

Please note, the prices shown below are for existing customers. Prices are Ex. VAT, Ex. Shipping costs. All upgrades or options include needed accessories, screws, wiring and documentation.

  SpiderBot Version      
Ref Designation Price
(€ ex VAT)
V1.1 V1.2 V1.3 V1.4 V1.5 V1.6 V1.7


U01 Adjustable IGUS carriages 66€
U02 Magnetics Rod End V1.0 46€
U03 Bed Leveling + Flexible Wrap for PTFE Tube 15€
U04 Megatronics V3.0 Board 89€
U05 Linear Guides Way + Sphere supports 105€
U06 Magnetics Rod End V2.0 96€
U07 Upgrade Magnetics Rod end V1.0 > V2.0 47€
U08 Bed heater V2.0 28€
U09 4 Pololu Drivers DRV8825 (1/32e Step) 32€
U10 Upgrade Dual Extruder  495€ +U06+U08 +U06+U08 +U07+U08 U07+U08 +U08


O01 Part Heater 160€
O02 PEI Bed 69€
O03 PEI Replacement sheet 46€
O04 Dual Extruder 495€ +U06+U08 +U06+U08 +U07+U08 +U07+U08 +U8


























Standard in the Version

Upgrade Possible without buying other options

Upgrade Possible but needs others upgrades (price of others upgrades not included)

Upgrade Not Possible


*  The Dual Extruder (Beta) Upgrade contains :

  • Mirrored extruder + fixing plate (this will be placed next to the printers current extruder).
  • Full dual head (pre-assembled) with metal gear servo, Igus rod end & press fit bearing,  fan, new heater & heat break, thermocouples...
  • Pololu Driver and connectors.
  • New TSS Plate with riveted balls.
  • Guide and spool support for the second Material spool.
  • 2 Ptfe tubes, special fittings, protective sleeve...
  • The full wiring, accessories, screws, wago connectors etc.
  • Custom firmware versions for Megatronics version 2.0 and 3.0 depending on your model.
  • A windows executable to post process the KISSLicer files and getting the head rotation command (automatically launched by KISSlicer).
  • Assembly manual.