SpiderBot Delta 3D Printer

Autonomous Printer with Network Interface

SpiderBot Autonomous Printing, network control, browser based user interface upgrade.

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Product Description

By using a Raspberry Pi loaded with OctoPrint and optional camera (sold seperately), the SpiderBot can be made fully autonomous with network access and can be controlled by any device with network access through a browser. This includes your desktop's browser of choice but also on tablets and even smartphones. Get an accurate status of your print or simply check out the printing progress through the SpiderBot internal camera (sold seperately). Note, that even with this option installed, it is still fully functional with Repetier Host running on a seperate computer, the printer is reached over the network instead of the USB port.

Please specify your choice of a dynamic IP address or static IP address from the drop down. In case of a static IP, please specifiy it in the comment box on check out. Unsure? Leave it as Dynamic.

OctoPrint is a great open source initiative within the 3D Printer scene, developed by Gina Häußge and sponsored by bq. It has a ton of great autonomous printer and web based GUI features. Check out the website here: octoprint.org.


The graphical user interface, as seen trough a webbrowser while being connected to a printing SpiderBot. Manual control, storing of .gcode and starting prints can all be done remotely.

Kit Contents

  • Raspberry Pi B+    
  • Box for Raspberry Pi and Velcro support.
  • 12V-5V power DC Converter, cables and Molex connectors for Raspberry Pi.
  • RJ45 panel female connector + RJ45 Wire.
  • Usb Cable (USB B 90°/USB A).
  • SD Card 16Gb (included Linux/Octopi preloaded and configured).

Technical information

  • The installation can be done without taking apart the entire printer, only the enclosure needs to be removed.
  • It takes approximetly 2 hours to install the upgrade.
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