SpiderBot Delta 3D Printer

Internal Camera

The SpiderBot Internal Camera, allows for remote monitoring and time laps creation of your 3D Prints.

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Product Description

The internal camera displays in real time the print status, check your print from any PC/tablet of your network. The Internal Camera requires the autonomous network upgrade to function.


In combination with the autonomous network upgrade, the graphical user interface will show the internal camera's video stream live over a network connection. Octoprint furthermore allows for timelapse video creation.

Kit Contents

  • Camera 1080x768 for Raspberry Pi B+
  • Aluminium  Camera Support
  • Camera Enclosure / Screws    
  • Camera Wire 700mm + Cable Protection 

Technical information

  • The installation can be done without taking apart the entire printer, only the enclosure needs to be removed.
  • It takes approximetly 0.5 hour to install the upgrade.
Units in box: 1