SpiderBot Delta 3D Printer

Magnetic Rod-End

SpiderBot uses a new technology with stronger neodymium magnets and a new exclusive Three Spheres System.

Each rod end has a spherical bearing surface which fits exactly to the
diameter of the spheres, thus avoiding any rubbing of the magnet on the ball.

Each neodymium magnet holds better than 1.0 DaN, the plate with
3 balls/6 magnets supports more than 2.0 DaN in Z axis.
Tests have been done at high speeds (330 mm/sec) with a 0.3 DaN head
mass (the total weight of the extrusion head is 0.15 DaN, Dual-head will
be 0.22 DaN).

This design simplifies maintenance and cleaning of the nozzle.

Further enhances print quality and print softness.


Magnetic Rod-End

The Spiderbot uses a new technology with neodymium magnets that connect to the extrusion head through magnetic force.

Three Spheres System (TSS)

For exact horizontal alignment the extrusion head is supported by a single plate with three spheres connected to the Rod-End magnets.

Delta Technology

With Delta technology, three axis move simultaneously, complementing each others movements and combining motor torque.

Design Advantages

Component optimization has allowed for cost reductions and a selection of high quality components.