SpiderBot Delta 3D Printer

Innovative Tilting Dual Head

Important  improvements have been made compared to a standard dualhead.
The second head of a standard Dual Head often touchs the object when printing and even if you retract the material of the inactive nozzle, there is often a small amount of material on the nozzle tip that can leave traces.
As an example, see the left part in the picture below. This part was printed with a standard Dual Extruder design, the right part is printed with our rotating Dual Extruder.
The green material is ABS, the white material is HIPS (soluble in Limonene) meant as support material.

To prevent this, a radical design change was required, we came up with a completely new dual head with rotating support and inclinated nozzles, which will avoid the unused nozzle hitting the object during printing.
The mechanism explained. When head #1 is printing material (red in the picture below), the second head is rotated away from the print area and can't damage or mark the object and vice versa, when head #2 is printing support material (green) head#1 will be rotated away. This furthermore allowed to reduce the distance between the nozzles, improving the overall object print size area compared to a standard dual head.