SpiderBot Delta 3D Printer

Three Sphere System (TSS)

The extrusion head is supported by a single plate with only 3 spheres and the Rod-End magnets. The TSS is a combination of magnets with spherical bearing surfaces at every end of the 6 carbon tubes connected to three spheres on the support plate that holds the extrusion head. The support plate has only three spheres so that each sphere is always perfectly positioned by two arms. Through this support by only 3 points, it is always perfectly parallel to the heated bed. Due to the magnetic connection that can be broken by applying the right amount of force, maintenance on the print head is easily done.

TriBallDesignModèle Déposé

Modèle Déposé

Improved force distribution

Forces are equally distributed due to the presence of only three spheres on
the head support.

As each sphere is attached to 2 arms, the new support plate head can not
tilt nor wobble.

It ensures optimized movements without play nor torque exertion while still remaining perfectly parallel to the heated bed. It provides outstanding head movement and print quality.






In the video, the three sphere system can be seen in action.

Magnetic Rod-End

The Spiderbot uses a new technology with neodymium magnets that connect to the extrusion head through magnetic force.

Three Spheres System (TSS)

For exact horizontal alignment the extrusion head is supported by a single plate with three spheres connected to the Rod-End magnets.

Delta Technology

With Delta technology, three axis move simultaneously, complementing each others movements and combining motor torque.

Design Advantages

Component optimization has allowed for cost reductions and a selection of high quality components.