KISSlicer V1.6

Jonathan, the developer of KISSlicer, works hard to help us to improve our product.

We worked together and tested the new version of KISSlicer since several months, impressive ! A big thank to him !

KISSlicer 1.6 Beta 3.10

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 – New Display

  • 3D paths can be previewed (with width and height)
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  • Display true width of toolpaths (dynamic update without reslicing)
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  • Works in 2D Path mode too
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  • Perspective View can be disabled (ISO view)
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  •  Previous layer can be displayed (Dark Red)
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  • You can quick-orient the view along the X or Y axes
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  • Display toolpath up to current layer
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New Features :

– Stepover Control (Automatic adaptative layer thicknesses)

  • Is enabled when the max layer thickness is larger than the regular layer thickness
  • Will try to exactly match the Z of flat surfaces
  • Will vary the layer thicknesses so that the desired stepover (XY offset from one layer’s perimeter to the next) is achieved
  • Has independent stepover targets for lower (to not need support) and upper (primarily for looks) surfaces
  • Can have multiple distinct object, each will be sliced with its own optimum layer thicknesses
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– Preload

  • Physically models how the nozzle extrudes (e.g. when you stop the extruder and the nozzle keeps on extruding / oozing)
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  • Is a function of the material properties, and the extruder hardware
  • This is part of what what destring prime & retract were trying to solve
  • This is very similar to the ‘Advance’ feature that some firmware is testing (though with path planning, instead of just reacting to G-code)
  • Initial preload values can be computed from material properties, or from a quick experimental procedure
  • The Preload value can then be tuned with the Tuning Wizard

– Tuning Wizard

  • changes a selected parameter as a function of Z
  • Can change PreloadVE, Destring length, extrusion temperature, flow rate, or just tune a custom Token
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– Fractional number of loops

  • Improves bonding between loops and infill
  • e.g. 3.5 will alternate between 3 and 4 loops to average 3.5

– Join-Loop setting

  • New seam-hiding technique
  • Used in conjunction with Seam Gap and Depth (I like Gap=0,Depth=1, others reverse that)
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– New ‘Cellular’ infill style

  • Often called ‘3D infill’ (how is that different? [8^)
  • Especially useful for TPU prints to give a more even compression
  • weaker vertical bond on certain layers, so only recommended for materials with excellent inter-layer adhesion (TPU, PET-G, etc.)
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– Brim Latch

  • Useful in conjunction with a raft
  • Captures the brim by extending some raft material over the outer top of the brim

– Support Interface

  • Can now specify the exact angle, width, and stride of the interface layer
  • Can independently set the 1st layer’s extrusion width
  • Raft can now have specific “interface layers” added on top
  • Bond option duplicates the exact paths from the 1st layer to improve adhesion
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– New Support management

  • May save up to 20% print time
  • Support Version 1.5
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  • Support Version 1.6
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  • Possibility to sheathe support and Interface support
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– Object Packer

  • Many improvements (and bugs fixed) in the packer
  • Correctly reports when the parts do not fit on the bed
  • Can specify which corner to place the Prime Pillar (if used)
  • Parts can now nest (fit inside one another’s bounding box)

– Internal Path Optimizations

  • Unsupported path portions are detected, and can be slowed to improve quality (displayed in pink in image below)
drex index custom 24
  • The path simplifier is more accurate
  • KISSlicer can avoid outputting too-short segments (that firmware would drop anyway)
  • Exact Z-step placement (make the layer heights match the hardware)
  • KISSlicer tracks the streamed path-node-per-second info, and will slow down a path it if would have caused a buffer under-run

– G-code Improvements

  • There is now a Preheat function (saves time when using more than one extruder). KISSlicer reduce the temperature of unused Extruder, then preheat it before use. Preheat time can be setup per extruder. In the picture below, Red = Print Temperature(eg. 235°C), Orange = Warm Temperature (eg. 150°C)
drex index custom 25
  • Pause-and-Resume G-code can be triggered either at the top of Void sub-objects, or at specific user-entered Z heights
  • New G-code tokens for Heated Chamber (enclosure) temperature, prime pillar position, and the tuning value, and custom named and defined tokens per material
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– Material improvements

  • You can specify how much each material with shrink in X&Y, and separately in Z
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  • ‘Cool’ flow rate will be triggered on unsupported paths, reduces the print speed on 
drex index custom 28
  • Box (enclosure) temperature specification
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  • Preheat can be disabled per material for ones that would drool on heating
  • User can add notes per material to track info specific to that material
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– New settings storage

  • one file per profile  (easier to give a material profile for example)
  • easier sharing and version control
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– Reference Settings

  • Can quickly Reload a key set of profiles from a separate location

– Preliminary Project files

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  • Saves and loads all the settings used in a slice
  • Can load settings back in from previously saved G-code
  • Loaded Project profiles are temporary and will not clutter up your own profiles

– Miscellaneous

  • The settings panel now hovers in its own window (press the [Prolide Settings] button at the top right to re-open)
drex index custom 33
  • Selected profiles are summarized in the top left of the 3D window
drex index custom 34
  • Used RAM is displayed in the top right of the 3D window
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  • Corporations can restrict advanced settings from most users
  • There is a ScaleX/Y/Z right-click feature for uneven scaling
  • The Force-Path-Angle right-click feature can specify the path angle for material testers (not recommended unless you know exactly why you would want to do this)
  • Better display of translation
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  • Many new command line options
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Example of a batch:

KISSlicer64.exe -inidir “c:KSDevini” -printer “Spiderbot3” -support “45+raft” -style  “MediumQuality” -Ext1mat “ABS” -Ext2mat “BreakableSupport”

  • New stronger pillar with possibility to purge nozzle at the pillar position (GCode <PrimeX> and <PrimeY>)
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You can download the latest version here : KISSlicer16B310

  1. Create a new folder ..KISSlicer16
  2. Copy your current Kisslicer *.ini files in this Folder
  3. Rename the downloaded file to a *.zip file
  4. Unpack the exe in the folder
  5. Run KISSlicer64.exe