New hot-end Cooler

Thanking ProfBen (see the initial forum post here) for his initial ideas and very good work…

Introducing a Qualup SAS intern: Antoine (Studying Mechanical Engineering with Design as specialisation). Antoine is doing a 3 month internship at our office. Antoine has redesigned and improved the air flux for the fan while keeping the design of the parts good in terms of printability. The initial SpiderBot design left some things to be desired.

Hot-end Cooler

Image 1 3D Render Front Side

Image 2 3D Render Rear Side

The two parts can be printed in about 45 minutes each and assembly takes about 10minutes, requiring three screws.

We use the same spacers and the deflector goes around the existing parts.

Hot end Cooler Assembled in the SpiderBot

Image 3 Printed and Assembled in the SpiderBot (Rear Side)

Image 4 Printed and Assembled in the SpiderBot (Front Side)

Tthe STL files and Kisslicer GCode files are on our download page.

This improvement will be included in the next release : 1.6.0