PEI Print Bed, if the part stick too well on it

Objects sticking too well to your print bed? We have just the trick to help you out. Sometimes, when the printer is not well calibrated (happens mainly if the Z_Max_Length is slightly too long or the KISSlicer parameter « Bed Roughness » to high ) or when the printed part has a very large area in direct contact with the print bed, it can be diffcult to take off the part. 

The part sticks to the bed even when the bed has cooled down…In our experience the following two tools are the best to use in this situation. One flat wood chisel, with an approximate size of 15 mm (~2/3 inch) and one thin painter spatula, size between 15 and 20mm (~2/3 inch).

But don’t use flat wood chisel as is! You might damage your print bed. At first you have to break the 2 cutting angles of the wood chisel using fine sand paper (~500-800). This is to avoid damaging the PEI bed later on.

Once it happens that a part sticks too well to the print bed:

Start by gently lifting a corner of the part, some millimeters is enough, just so you are able to place the spatula between the part and the bed. Be carefull and pay attention to maintaining the wood chisel flat on the bed.

Once an opening has been created, finish taking off the part with the spatula by pushing towards the center direction of the part.