Qu3 HT – 2021

Qu3 HT 2021
Deliveries of QU3 HT version 2021 will start from March 10th.

More than 30 improvements and several new extensions:

  • Internet of Things : the Qu3 HT now accepts connected objects (Internet of things), it is possible to add functions, sensors, measurements, recordings… very simply without having to rewire or complex modifications. This gives an extreme flexibility for future evolutions.

  • The control cameras (print head and enclosure) are now IoT, accessible from the machine’s PC or from any PC on the network.

  • New filament diameter measurement system (Option): The machine continuously measures the filament diameter and compensates the material flow according to the measured diameter. This system called FWS, for Filament Width Sensor, allows to compensate live Filament Width Sensor the filament variations.Filament Width Sensor
    Most filament manufacturers show a tolerance of +/-0.05mm on a 1.75mm filament (in high temperature filament), this represents 12% in volume between the 2 extremes (mini tolerance, Maxi tolerance). With high performance filaments, this can cause problems with print quality.

  • The Raspberry Pi that managed the control panel was replaced by an industrial PC with 12″ multitouch screen, with 4Gb of Ram and 64Gb of SSD, with Windows 10 or Linux depending on the configuration. The PC comes with a mini wireless keyboard and mouse.

  • Improved Spool box temperature stability.

  • New chamber heaters with ceramic bearings for reduced maintenance.

  • Improved internal chamber ventilation.

  • New Slicer: SuperSlicer as standard

  • System for recording complete printing parameters in an Excel compatible file (stored on the industrial PC)

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