solvay AM Cup result 2019 SpiderBot HT

Solvay AM Cup 2019 : Award-winning Qualup

SpiderBot HT High Temperature 3D printers awarded for the second consecutive year.

  2019 is the second year of Solvay’s 3D printing competition: the Solvay AM Cup

  In 2018, the ePEEK team of Arts et Métiers ParisTech (ENSAM Angers) won the Solvay AM Cup Challenge with one of our machines (best printing of PEEK parts in front of more than 30 universities on 3 continents).

We are pleased and proud to inform you that the University of Ghent, Belgium, equipped with a SpiderBot HT, finished 2nd and 3rd in the Solvay AM Cup Challenge 2019.

…You again on the podium…

Brian Alexander – Solvay

Brian Alexander, Head of Additive Manufacturing Global Product & Application Manager at Solvay,

gave us the information at the 3D Print Show in Lyon, joking and announcing it to us:”…You again on the podium…”

The challenge was divided into 2 levels:

Preliminary Challenge :

Pre-selection challenge by printing test specimens that meet Solvay’s performance levels.

Main Challenge :

Reproduce defined shapes in 3D, printed in PPSU by the FFF technique.

Congratulations to the winner, the Gekko Performance team from the University of Munich, who used a machine specially developed for this competition.

The SpiderBot HT is therefore the first production machine among 35 Teams on 3 continents (Europe, America, Asia).

Solvay AM Cup 2019 parts 3D print Spiderbot

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