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Some Pictures & Specs. of the Maped Machine

Some Pictures/Videos and Specs of the Machine

The machine will be mass-produced and marketed in the middle of the year (for information please do contact me: pboichut[at]

Modèle Déposé

Modèle Déposé

The Servomotor used in the SpiderBot DualHead doesn’t work at 90°C, I redesigned a new system able to work at this temperature.
Everything is mechanic, no overheat risq… the video below :

Tilting Dual Head Mechanism

Here are the specs:

• Stainless Steel and Aluminium Structure

• Precision Linear Guides and belts resistant to 90°C continuously

• Build Volume  250mm diameter x 200mm height.

• Resolution: Z = 1.4μm, 4.7μm ~ XY.

• Printing material : ABS, HIPS (PLA and other printables material possible)

• Filament dia 1.75mm

• Travel speed > 300mm / sec.

• Tilting Dual Head with mechanical operation.

• Cooled filament feed tube.

• Dual Extrusion head “Bowden” type cooled by forced air.

• Print head temperature: Adjustable up to 360°C (independent on each head and controlled by thermocouples 1000°C)

• Simplified  maintenance : Interchangeable print heads in less than 10 minutes.

• 2 Dual-Drive Extruders with all-metal gears and guides.

• Delta Robot with exclusive Three Spheres System, doped Neodymium magnets resistant to 150°C continuously.

• Heated and regulated Printing Chamber (adjustable between 30 and 90°C).

• Internal ventilation by high-speed air blades.

• Isolated Printing Chamber with double glazing.

• Bed and Machine Auto calibration at each print start.

• Security system and stop machine in case of problem.

• Filament end control.

• Heated PEI Bed : up to 140°C.

• Use of any standard ABS and HIPS filament dia 1.75mm (Spools Maxi diameter : 240mm, Max height : 120mm).

• Electronic :

  • 32-bit Motherboard
  • 1/128 Stepper drivers
  • Removable Graphics Screen
  • Autonomous printing
  • SDRam,
  • WIFI
  • Ethernet Network connection.
  • Connectors : USB or RJ45

• 2 operating modes:

• « User« : Gcode File Upload , Movement control, Printing

• « Administrator » Printing and total control with access to the EEPROM settings, machine configuration…

• Slicer: KISSlicer and/or Simplify3D