SpiderBot V1.8 What’s new?

We are proud to reveal the V1.8 incremental update of the SpiderBot 3D Printer. This update contains a new possible optional upgrade, improved design and wiring improvements aimed to make any newly bought printers upgrade compatible with two large updates coming in the near future.

– Improved design of the Thermo Couple for both single and dual head extruders.
– 360°C  Thermo Couple Option.
– Pre-wiring for Dual Head.
– Pre-wiring for Autonomous Printing Upgrade.

Improved design of the Thermo Couple for both single and dual head extruders.

The Thermo Couple is now isolated with a fiberglass tube and crimped on a Copper Crimp Ring Terminal. This makes the assembly strong and the fact that the terminal ring is made of copper allows for excellent thermal conduction.

360°C Thermo Couple Option

There is now also a « High Temperature » extruder option available. This will allow for extrusion at temperatures in the range of around 360°C. This option consists of a high temperature isolation Thermocouple with a sensor range up to 400°C and a slightly altered design where the thermocouple is isolated with glass fiber tube on the crimp side and a Hi temp heatshrink (260°C) on the other side.

Pre-wiring for Dual Head

This includes all wires and cables for pre-wiring your SpiderBot and to be ready when the Dual head will be released. As such it will not be required to to disassemble the printer or the wriring when switching to the Dual Head.

Pre-wiring for Raspberry Pi

Wires have been added to power a Raspberry Pi. Soon to come, Network/Wireless printing in the near future.

An indication of future possibilities:
– Connect any browser to the SpiderBot Raspberry Pi future option,  full wireless printer accesible over (wireless) network.
– Remote printer control.
– Monitor your prints, watch your print live via the embedded webcam feed or create a timelapse movie.

SpiderBot Version 1.8.0 is in stock and the current lead time is 4 to 6 days (depending on choosing the pre-assembly option).