SpiderBot V2.1 What’s new?

We are proud to reveal the V2.1 of SpiderBot.

Ordering and availibility

The SpiderBot V2.1 are in stock, current lead time is 3-5 days.

What’s new?

1 – Enclosure Air flow redesigned…

Now, the tilting dual head allows the printing more and more complex parts…

Indeed the mechanics of SpiderBot is among one of the best in the market (Linear guides, the 3 spheres -TSS system – , magnetic ball ends, stainless steel rails, full metal chassis, enclosure …)
The existing  limitations are only due to the FFF technology itself. In order to further improve the print quality, we have worked to improve the ventilation and air flow inside the enclosure.

We completely took over the analysis of air flow inside the enclosure and we made several simulations… The idea was to create a hot air flow in the enclosure which allows to keep the temperature of the part,  but also allows to avoid having an area which would be too warm due to large masses of material (eg. thick horizontal HIPS surfaces of support underpinning the printed part).

The main Fan is now attached by Rubber Rivet Fan Mount and we added two devices inside the enclosure :
– On top, we inclinated the main fan, separating the air flow in 2 streams (red color in the pictures below) and initiating an air movement into the enclosure.- Near the print bed, conical air deflectors (orange color in the pictures below) refocus Hot air flows onto the part .

Front View without enclosureLateral ViewLeft Rear Iso View

That makes the ABS part receive almost 3 times more hot air than before. This reduces part distortion and it is a very economical solution which further enhances the print quality.

In addition, lower deflectors thermally insulate the hot zone and the lower part of the enclosure with electronics components.
Note : For existing customers wishing to update their SpiderBot, it will be possible to buy this option on our website.

2 – Improvements in Documentation…

About the documentation, we take into account most of remarks and feedback from our customers around the world, thanks to them !