SpiderBot 40 HT

SpiderBot V4.0 for PEEK Presented at 3DPrint Lyon

For the 5th year of SpiderBot’s existence, after 2 years of R&D, we are pleased to present you the new SpiderBot V4.0 HT (High Temperature).


An exclusive infrared room heating system keeps the room at a very high temperature and thus makes it possible to better print all technical materials such as PEEK, PEI, etc., limiting deformations, warping, shrinkage, and… post-treatment!


The idea was to heat only the room instead of heating the printing chamber and, unlike many 3D printers, to cool the printing chamber. The radiant radiators are arranged all around the chamber towards the printing area, high temperature fans extract the excess heat generated by the radiants, the SpiderBot V4.0 has a cooled chamber. In fact, the SpiderBot V4HT is like an Infrared oven that keeps the part at a very high temperature, its liquid-cooled head held by 6 arms protected from infrared rays plunges into the oven and prints high temperature materials, a patent is pending…


Thanks to the cooled chamber, the outside of the enclosure at the radiant level does not exceed 65°C while the chamber is at 200°C.

Although still imperfect compared to the ABSolute3 solution with a true high temperature chamber, this solution considerably improves the printing quality of technical parts in PEEK while allowing an economical realization of the machine. The print head is water-cooled, the water temperature never exceeding 45°C when printing for several hours at 420°C with a printed part heated to ~200°C and an ambient temperature of 24°C.


Technical parts of 80 mm were printed in PEEK with very little warping.

The available printing volume is Ø180x180mm, however for PEEK or high shrink materials, we do not think it will be possible to exceed Ø150x120mm. The production of 10 machines has started and delivery is scheduled for the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2018 at a price of less than €7,000 excluding VAT for the first 10 machines. The biggest work left is the “polishing” of the Post-pro KISSlicer to reduce sewing marks and stringing. The KISSlicer developer has created for us a “toolpath” adapted for the Peek, and thanks to the fantastic “Preload” function of KISSlicer, we are sure to considerably reduce sewing marks and cords, it is only a matter of time…


The SpiderBot V4.0 HT Flyer can be downloaded by clicking on the image below (registration required).

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me an email at: pboichut[at] qualup.com