Ten good reasons to buy a SpiderBot High Temperature

10 ième

Your printer is not "frozen" and can be easily maintained

All our developments and evolutions can be retroactively mounted on the versions. This means that you can always upgrade your printer in the future. This way, you are sure to be able to use a printer with the latest developments.

During design, particular attention is paid to ease of maintenance, the main elements are designed in modules that can be easily exchanged, everything is mounted on connectors. The extrusion head can be exchanged in less than 5 minutes.

9 ième

Excellent technical support

A problem, a misunderstanding, need clarification?
You always have someone and the same contact person for our technical support.
In any case, you can always contact the SpiderBot Technical Director directly at the following address: pboichut[at]qualup.com

8 ième

Precise and extremely rigid frame

The SpiderBot Chassis consists of 3 laser-cut discs with cutting tolerances of less than 0.03 mm (the tolerance of the cutting laser is 0.01 mm). The frame of the SpiderBot is geometrically perfect because the upper and lower discs have a laser-cut geometry.
It is not an assembly of several parts whose tolerances add up to each other.
The stainless steel rails are centred in these discs by laser-cut indexes and also have a tolerance of less than 0.03 mm. 8 brackets (three at the bottom and five at the top) ensure perpendicularity and prevent torsion of the frame.

7 ième

An "Open" 3D printer

You want to try another slicing software, a new material? No problem, everything is accessible! Your SpiderBot is based on RepRap technology, firmware sources are provided. Nothing is encrypted, nothing is encrypted, the files you send to the printer are text files in the standard GCode format, you have access to all settings.
You are free to use any standard filament reel. Our material coils are not specific, it is sufficient to respect the dimensions of the coils (diameter 210 mm maxi) and the diameter of the wire (standard diameter 1.75 mm). You can buy near you or order over the Internet from your preferred supplier.

6 ième

The PolyEtherImide printing bed solves most part adhesion problems

Whether you print ULTEM, PEKK, PEEK, charged or not, heating the PEI bed up to 150°C with the 1.00mm bed and 200°C with the solid 3.00mm PEI bed allows perfect adhesion of the parts while allowing their easy separation when the PEI plate is cooled.

5 ième

the best possible positioning of the head

Our exclusive system of positioning the head by 3 Spheres, positions the head in a perfect way, guaranteeing quality prints. No other system can be more accurate than the 3-point position of our “TSS” (Three Sphere System – registered design).
Its print head is held by 6 arms protected against infrared immersion of radiants,.

4 ième

Compatible with all materials up to 470°C

The brand new V4.0 liquid cooled head allows the extrusion of all high temperature materials on the market, extruding at a temperature below 470°C., no more limits! With radiants that keep the part at 200°C, warping problems are reduced to a minimum.
We use E3D V6.0 type nozzles, you have the impressive range of materials for these nozzles: Brass, Stainless steel, Hardened steel, Tungsten carbide, Beryllium copper, etc…

3 ième

Double drive, liquid cooling

The filament is driven by 2 rollers that are mutually engaged, the filament is guided by the 2 driving grooves. The drive rollers are hardened.
The head is water cooled, regardless of the enclosure temperature or ambient temperature, the cold zone of the head is less than 45°C, greatly reducing the risk of clogging in the cold zone.
The extruder motor is offset in the cooled area and is not affected by the chamber temperature.

2 ième

Part heated to 200°C and adapted ventilation

The SpiderBot High Temperature, can be assimilated to an infrared oven that keeps the part at very high temperature up to 200°C.
Infrared Radiants are placed all around the chamber towards the printing area, high temperature resistant fans extract the excess heat generated by the radiants.
This technology allows the SpiderBot HT to print technical parts with materials such as PEEK, PEKK or ULTEM.

1 ière

Excellent printing quality

The rigidity of the chassis combined with the excellent positioning of the print head, the heated chamber, the liquid-cooled head, the remote motor extruder and the dual-drive extruder result in printed parts that are often comparable to high-end professional machines. With all the freedom to use your materials and suppliers.